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#SecretHandheldProject = #PortableSteamMachine


Long post incoming…So about 8 years ago I got it into my head to make a portable #Microsoft #Windows PC to play games on. At first I tried using full mini-itx boards with half height graphics cards, and while it ran, it weighed 5lbs and ran for about 15mins on batteries. Over the years I’ve revisited the project, I’ll buy some hardware, but I can never get the runtime or the weight or the capacity I’m looking for. When the #psvita came out I had hoped that it would fill this niche but it never really did. About a month ago a friend of mine sent me that concept image of a modern #gameboy that Florian Renner produced and it made me want to revive the old project. A month later this is a working prototype for a handheld #steammachine based on his design. Version 2 should be thinner and have better feeling controls but this is the closest I’ve come to making the device I wanted to make almost a decade ago. #retrogamer#retrocollective


Finally managed to carve out some time to work on the case for the #pigrrlmicro /#pigrrlzero . Not sure if I want to do something reminiscent of the #gameboymicro or if I want to do something closer to the #RevoK101 or a #gameboymacro both of which I love. Normally I would mock up all three in #chipboard but I’ve had to dust off the little #3dsmax experience I have in order to help on something at work so I figured I’d iterate in max.