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So I got DM’ed by a troll who claimed that since the #nintendoswitch can play #Skyrim I was really just wasting my time. Now he might be right (from a pure time perspective) but I’ve had fun making this…having said that…here’s some Skyrim since apparently for your #handheld to be “worth it” it’s got to play Skyrim. Started a new game, not sure how smooth it might be FPS wise later on but the intro wasn’t too bad. Note, video is sped up 200%. Sorry for the blue cast on everything, the lighting in my apt isn’t good for video.



Have been wanting to make a Skelevex mask for a while now but hadn’t gotten started. Was planning on getting a large size one to template but I always miss when they’re on sale. They’re just so popular they always seem to be sold out. Finally decided to try freehanding one using whatever images I could find online. It needs more work but I’m happy with it for a first attempt.